The Militant Gardener


We humans are a tribal species. Tribalism is: exaltation of the tribe above other groups. Modern examples of tribalism and its effects may be found at all levels of society. From the loyalty we feel toward our families and friends to cheering for our favorite sports team; from heated political debate to the bigotry and violence of one religion or ethnic group toward another. We tend to exalt our social group above others. Even as I write this I can't help but feel that the social group that identifies with my views is wiser than those who oppose them. We dehumanize our adversaries and can be capable of deep cruelty and even murder.

As our species has created ever more advanced technology we have become just as sophisticated in our ability to save or prolong the lives of those with whom we identify as we are in the ability to end the lives of our enemies. Our species has an equal capacity to create and to destroy. Our religions and social contracts teach us not to kill, yet our nations send us off to war. We are all capable, in the right conditions, of the most humbling expressions of love and the most brutal acts imaginable. The love we have for those we identify as self arouses the desire to protect them from harm.

Our species has an equal capacity to create and to destroy.

We do not just have the capacity to create and destroy we also enjoy doing both. Fireworks have been popular since their inception. We have festivals devoted to burning or destroying all manner of effigies. We are fascinated by natural disasters, by the demolition of buildings, and by films of atom bomb tests.

As we mature as individuals some of us come to find that human beings, outside of the groups we consider to be ours, are not any less than us, have no less right to live, and are in fact still a part of our group! Some of us continue to extend this consideration to animals and thus refrain from killing and consuming them. We become peacemakers. To this end we often suppress our destructive self. We suppress the one that marvels at the beauty of an atomic explosion. The one who loves to shoot guns and burn things without reason.

This is Wrong!

Creation and destruction is the whole of the universe. Particles come together and move apart. Things arise and cease. We are born and we die. Our consciousness is of this world, it is wired not only to observe the processes of creation and destruction, but to actively participate in the process. Fighting our nature is fruitless, only through accepting and understanding the process can we transcend it and find balance.

Creation and destruction is the whole of the universe!

When we suppress one half it often arises in service to the other half. Countless hours of creative thought have been in service to destruction. Conversely, it is easy to care so deeply for those you see suffering needlessly, or for the right for all things to live free from cruelty, that you might kill in an attempt to stop those who cause suffering. In both cases the imbalance leads to violence against others which is unconscionable.

For too long we who are devoted to peace, social justice, and sustainability have confined our tools to civil disobedience, essays and shovels; none of which explode! It is time to adopt the war hawk's means! Just not their ends!! This is not a call for revolution, or violence, or terrorism. This is a call to let our destructive half fully express itself in union with our creative half in a way which does no harm.

We must fold the technologies of war into our practices of peace, but we must find ways to use them which do no harm.

We must welcome our destructive self and provide a healthy space for it to live in balance with our creative self. We must convert our internal swords into ploughshares.

So how do we do this? How may we be destructive and creative in a balanced way and do no harm?

As the Militant Gardener I have been developing rapid seed propagation technologies to increase biodiversity with native wildflower seeds. By adopting and subverting the technologies of war I have been reclaiming my destructive side and bringing it into balance with my creative side. These creations and experiments are but one possible manifestation of this practice. I encourage you to embrace your destructive side in a creative way which does no harm as well. If you choose to work with things that are inherently dangerous, take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you do yourself no harm.

Ploughare's Hi-Quality Native Seed Shotshells

Ploughshare's Hi-Quality Native Wildflower Shotshells allow anyone in possession of a shotgun to blast biodiversity back into the earth!

Frustrated with the state of the world? Vent that frustration with the satisfying kick of a shotgun while improving your local ecology! I have wildflower mixes that are tailored to the region you live in.

Available in hand-packed biodegradable boxes of 25.

Also available in hand-crafted wooden cases of 250 shells!

Easy to follow instructions!

Do you own a shotshell reloader?

I can ship you the raw materials to load your own wildflower rounds!

Want to learn how to load your own wildflower shotshells?

Come to one of my live, participatory demonstrations!

Our species has an equal capacity to create and to destroy!!

***Roadside Seed Bomb***

The Roadside Seed Bomb is the perfect invention to add biodiversity to areas with high levels of air pollution while experiencing the full thrill of detonating explosives!

Once activated a carbon monoxide sensor mounted to the top monitors CO levels. If the levels exceed a certain threshold the bomb explodes showering the landscape with nutrient rich clay, compost, and wildflower seeds.

This device is EXCEEDINGLY dangerous and thus, in order to DO NO HARM, I had to come up with a way to demonstrate it LIVE without blowing anything (or anyone) up! But I wanted everyone to have the GREAT experience of detonating the Roadside Seed Bomb.

The video below isn't your average DIY video. In the demonstration it plays continuously on a loop until...

some BRAVE soul
Crouches down in front of the bomb and breathes across the sensor detonating the Roadside Seed Bomb in the video below and literally shaking the walls!

The Roadside Seed Bomb during a live demonstration!

A peek inside the Roadside Seed Bomb!

In the field batteries go here. However, in this image the bomb is outfitted for live demonstration with a wireless transmitter to trigger video explosions!

The brains of the device.

Close up of the Microcontroller and Power Transistors.

Heavy steel frame protects electronics and makes bomb reusable!

Powered up and ready to blow!

Destruction is part of...

The Circle
of Life!

***The Grass Mask***

The Grass Mask is THE environmentally sound, up-cycled, symbiotic solution to your need for fresh air in the modern world.

Use it at home...

Especially useful at the bus stop...

Take it grocery shopping!!!

Fitting the wheatgrass in the gas mask!

Trim wheat grass clump to size.

Press firmly into filter.

Attach filter to gas mask. Don't forget to water frequently!

We suppress the one that marvels at the beauty of an atomic explosion. The one who loves to shoot guns and burn things without reason.

This is Wrong!